Arlene J. Sherman, C.C.Ht.

Breakthrough Hypnosis, Inc.

Professional Certified Hypnotist
Since 1998

Stress Management Specialist
Life Coach
Recovery Coach

Are You Ready to Relax? Stop Smoking? Lose Weight?

Reduce Stress? End Addictions?

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Welcome to this exciting opportunity to choose the thinking that can create for you the life you wish to live. There is simply no better way to get an idea into the subconscious than through hypnosis... You can learn how to access the transforming power within you and use this transforming power to control or lose weight, stop panic attacks, reduce stress, stop smoking, end addictions, stop negative thinking and improve self esteem and self image.

Hypnosis is the very unusual combination of attaining a deep level of relaxation coupled with a deep level of concentration. It does not seem that these two could happen at the same time, but that is precisely what does happen. With a trained hypnotherapist to guide you, you access these areas of heightened or focused attention on purpose to attain a desired outcome. Hypnotherapists have been trained to use these mental states to introduce specific ideas, suggestions and recommendations to your subconscience. In doing so, you can achieve the effects and the benefits that you wish to achieve because your subconcious remembers the ideas and suggestions.

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I want to scream from the rooftops
about YOU and how you have changed
my life in such a positive way! From
the moment you took my first call, I
could tell you actually CARED about
me and how you could help me quit smoking. I didn't know what to expect
or how it would work, but I've been smoke-free for almost 3 months now
and that's only after ONE session. I'm completely blessed to have found you
and honored to call you my friend now.
I was blown away when you called
to check up on me to make sure I'm
doing ok, not only once, but several
times. That means a lot to me! The amount of money I have already
SAVED since the day I came to you
has already paid for the appointment
3 times over by quitting smoking.
I have told many people about Breakthrough Hypnosis and hope
that they will invest in themselves
to make the appointment with you
today. I'm glad I came back to you
for other personal reasons, and will continue to tell everyone I know how you've changed my life for the better.
I thank you, my family thanks you,
and my friends who were concerned about me thank you for all of your guidance.

- Michele W. West Palm Beach, Florida
I contacted Ms. Sherman for help
at a very confusing time in my
life. I came to the realization that
I am an alcoholic and I was going
to AA meetings, but I felt that I
needed support on a more personal
level. My hypnotherapy sessions
with Ms. Sherman were amazing.
While in her care I was physically
and mentally relaxed at a level I
have never experienced before,
and I felt emotionally supported
and nurtured. I am happy to report
that I continue to be sane and
sober. Thank you Ms. Sherman!

- Lauren H. Seattle, Washington


Through Arlene's calmness and
wisdom she has helped me with overcoming my addiction with
alcohol and has made me honor
my inner house.

- Alice R. West Palm Beach, Florida

Thanks to you I've had no panic attacks.
I enjoyed my time spent with you and I treasure the gifts you have given me for the rest of my life.

- Claire D. Lafayette, LA
I am writing to say Thank YOU
for changing my outlook on life! I
am one of those people who have
tried diet and exercise but still
struggling to meet my weight-loss
goal. After having a hypnosis session
with Arlene, my self image and
self-esteem has sky rocketed, I also
noticed that I was more cognizant
of the amount of food I was eating
and also noted that I no longer had
the desire to overeat. Most importantly,
I noticed that I felt really good and positive. Thank you Arlene!! You're a
gift to all of us looking for ways to a successful weight loss and improved overall well-being!!! Warm regards.

-Claudia R, B.A., M.H.C. West Palm Beach, Florida


Getting the opportunity to work
with Arlene was one of the best experiences in my life. Her dedication
to helping me fight panic attacks was amazing. It's been 6 months, and with
her exercises and help I feel the best
that I have ever felt in my life. Thank
you Arlene from my whole family. It's changed our lives. We will be forever grateful!

- JR in Albuquerque NM




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